tenant leasing representation
Tenant Representation

Find Your Business Space. 
On Your Business Terms.

In the competitive real estate market, securing the perfect space for your business can be challenging. SitePlan's Leasing Representation service offers expert guidance in finding and negotiating leases that align with your business needs, driving growth and success for your operations. Let us simplify the leasing process and help you secure an ideal space that propels your business forward.

tenant leasing representation

Our Approach

SitePlan's Leasing Representation service, also known as, Tenant Representation, offers personalized solutions for businesses looking to secure property to lease that support their growth objectives and overall success. Our dedicated team leverages market analysis, site selection, negotiation, and transaction management to streamline the leasing process, creating opportunities for businesses to save time, money and thrive in the marketplace. Ready to find the perfect space for your business operations? Contact us today to explore how our service can benefit your company.

Strategic Market Insights

Our market analysis delves into detailed market assessments to identify prime leasing opportunities for your business. By understanding market dynamics, we help you make informed decisions that drive success and growth in your operations.

Comprehensive Site Selection

Ranging from single-site selections to multi-site and multi-market options, our site selection pillar offers tailored solutions that match your business vision and expansion strategies. We ensure that your location choices align with your operational goals and market presence.

Thorough Lease Negotiation

In the negotiation process, SitePlan maximizes landlord concessions and prioritizes tenant flexibility to secure favorable lease terms that meet your business needs. Our negotiation expertise ensures that you secure the best deals with optimal pricing and conditions for your leasing agreements.

Seamless Transaction Management

Our transaction management handles all details from negotiations to closing, ensuring a seamless and efficient leasing process for your business. With a focus on precision and expertise, we oversee the entire transaction to minimize risk and ensure a successful lease agreement.


We offer leasing representation services tailored for a diverse range of industries including:

Property Types

We offer lease representation services across a diverse range of property types including: