• We Empower Businesses

    We support the unique real estate needs of businesses small and large, tailored to empower businesses to make informed decisions, achieve their objectives, and optimize their real estate portfolios. 

Services For Businesses 

Our services are designed to cater to different client groups, including investors, users/occupiers, and industry-specific businesses. We specialize in a wide range of property types and industries, ensuring that our clients have access to the expertise they need for their specific requirements.

Merger and acquisitions

Optimize Site Growth  

SitePlan's Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) service is designed to help businesses achieve growth and unlock new opportunities through strategic acquisitions. 

owner-occupied investing

Maximize Company Value

We support business leaders with fitted investment solutions to identify, analyzes and invest in owner-occupied real estate for their growing business. 

tenant leasing representation

Scale at Growth Speed

We support our growing clients with Tenant Representation; providing  on-market and off-market opportunities,  site data and market insights to lease commercial property.